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Discover premium dental care in the heart of upstate New York with Hudson Dental Arts, a reputable dental practice that operates in Coxsackie and Hudson, NY. As your trusted dental care provider, we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art dentistry to patients in the upstate New York region. Our exceptional doctors and friendly staff treat patients like family. At Hudson Dental Arts, we believe in affordable, high-quality care and prioritize patient education, providing thorough information and guidance throughout treatment and routine visits.

Dental Practice in Coxsackie & Hudson, NY

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Hudson Dental – (518) 828-1597

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Dental Practice in Coxsackie & Hudson, NY

We’re a Multi-Specialty Practice

Our dual locations in Coxsackie and Hudson, NY allow us to provide comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages and offer a wide range of specialties to meet your unique dental needs.

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Patients of Hudson Dental Arts travel from various locations, often traveling from all
over the Hudson Valley to receive the exceptional dental care provided by our skilled team!

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Anthony De Santis
Anthony De Santis
Always great experience
Courtney Denue
Courtney Denue
Best dentist office ever. Everyone is extremely kind and helpful.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams
Friendly and thorough!
Veronica Ahearn (Italian Stallion)
Veronica Ahearn (Italian Stallion)
Been to this beautiful building a long time ago why I had to leave they changed the insurance I didn't have I remember I was so sad I thought I'll never see this Dentistry again but guess what I do have an appt. Coming up I can't wait first off God Bless all the staff that works so damn hard fallow the rules and directions has so much respect for us in this building to keep your teeth straight white and healthy and I don't care about how I look but my health is what's important and that's all they want to do is put a big smile on our faces and stay and be healthy also including the building itself it's so clean ya know life changes and times are hard these days but I'm the happiest women in the world right now because for the longest time wow..I been looking so hard to find a Dentist that could take me and my Insurance and that's what's very tuff is the right Insurance to have but now that I can call it's my Dentistry I can go to whenever it's time to go O Man. I don't know what's worse a ear ache or your teeth screaming in pain of course both did I really suffer in pain didn't want to get out of bed for the longest time it was throbbing pounding infected used alot of oral gel when food getting stuck in the holes always going to urgent care I was thinking about moving in that's how many times I had to go I'm getting older I do brush my teeth but not like I'm supposed to be doing I don't really floss to lazy to do that I take medication that can ruin your teeth my immune system is weak eat alot of sugar not healthy stuff alot of stress can ruin your teeth I called so many Dentistry no luck hours away or other states takes this insurance I waited n waited I would cry go hide in my room never smile or talk anyone be in pain n suffered in bed teeth crack fillings coming out I fell tripped over a wire hard had a seizure and I broke my two front teeth there a big space in middle it's embarrassing have holes from the inside of my teeth on thd bottom my health unfair I almost gave up but now that I have Aetna Insurance I called this Dentistry I was in shock there 15 min. Away from me and they said they take me and Aetna only insurance they take for the first time in a long long time I looked up to heaven tear running down my face and made a huge smile 😊 on my face and thanked the Lord and specially this Dentistry FINALLY!! I know deep in my heart they will bring back the old Veronica people that know me I was always a happy go-getter women always smiling and laughing my health was good all I can say Thank you Coxsackie Dental Arts for taking me in and to get me back to who I was and to bring my health back to life and I finally can 😁 smile once again I been here before long time ago and I'm grateful and thankful being back here I trust and believe in you guys and this building always will to whoever is reading this 👍 this Dentistry is Amazing realistic, respectful, and a Blessing Trust me this Coxsackie Dentistry Art is worth smiling and going to for keeping your whole mouth, gums, teeth so healthy and straight and keeping your body healthy and better God Bless all the staff that works very hard doing at what they do you will see what I mean POSITIVE if you choose this Dentistry I would think about it😉
Kevin Scirico
Kevin Scirico

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